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Raptor 230 X Wide Alu

Raptor 230 X Wide Alu
Raptor 230 X Wide Alu

Compact and wide boat for increased stability and inner space. With an innerspace width of 85cm this is one of the widest boats in the market.  Available in 2 colors.

€ 695,00
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Also available in heavy duty version CAMOUFLAGE HD, with a unique camouflage print and 1mm thick fabric.

X Wide design for improved stability and increased inner space
Aluminium floor black
Heavy duty protection strips (extra-long) on the bottom of both boat tubes
Heavy duty rub rail fitted with anti-splash edge
Reinforced transom with added PVC
Pressure valve that protects ALL tubes due to inner chamber design
Superior water drain
Included accessories
Coated aluminum oars in black
Coated aluminum seat (bench) adjustable over long length
Fully equipped repair set, because accidents do happen
5 year warrantee on fabric and seams
Free shipping in Holland, Belgium, Germany, France and United Kingdom

Specifications :
color : Olivegreen / black (for the version CAMOUFLAGE HD, the color is : camouflage)
material : 1100 Decitex
material thickness : 0,9mm (for the version CAMOUFLAGE HD, the thickness is 1mm)
length: 230 cm
width : 165 cm
inner length : 160 cm
inner width : 85 cm
tube size : 37,50 cm
inflatable keel : yes
weight : 46kg (for the version CAMOUFLAGE HD, the weight is 48kg)
capacity : 285kg
number of persons: 2
number of airchambers : 3
maximum motorcapacity : 4pk
floor : aluminium
floor color : black
pressure valve : yes



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