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RM Scrill 5kg

RM Scrill 5kg
RM Scrill 5kg

These ready mades are packed in sacks of 5 kg and available in sizes 16mm, 20mm en 24mm.

€ 37,50
Price per sack 5kg
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This boilie contains more than 25% fish meal (mainly krill and shrimp meal) and is flavored with hydrolysed krill powder and a liquid lobster extract. The familiar taste and smell of krill and lobster together provide a powerful, attractive aroma. Scrill contains the winning combination and ensures amazing results all year round, both instant and during feeding campaigns.


Price per sack 5kg (incl. VAT)

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€ 37,50

5 or more

€ 35,00

10 or more

€ 34,50

20 or more

€ 32,75


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